Business Events

Seminars | Trainings | Meetups | Presentations | Catering

Restaurant Pizzeria Đir is the perfect place to introduce your business and get together with your colleagues. We are here to arrange your requirements and fully cater the event.

Group Occasions

Want a good food and relaxed atmosphere for a group? Come to Restaurant Pizzeria Đir where we arrange everything exactly to your liking. Our chefs are curious to discuss all the possibilities and meet your wishes for groups of up to 140 people and exclusive occasions.

Special Occasions

Are you thinking about celebrating festive anniversary, private meet-up reception, meal with a group, or just a drink-up on a Friday night...we take care of each meeting to the last detail. Want a informal and cozy evening or just a chic intimate dinner? From tasteful and creative appetizers to meat and fish specialiies , from special craft beers to rich selection of wine. Everything is possible, we make your wish come true!

Birthday Party

Celebrating a birthday soon? Birthdays are always a reason to party, no matter the age. We hope you'll be inspired to celebrate yours or set up an surprise party for loving ones at Restaurant Pizzeria Đir with our creative culinary team! Reserve an intimate table just for two, or a big party with up to 140 guests. Make your birthday wish and we'll take care of the rest!